Tabletop Home Garden Kit

Tabletop Home Garden Kit

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• 6 plant sites are divided between (2) 1”x 4 ⅝” grow channels.

• A removable top cap (lid) makes the channels easy to use and easy to clean.

• End caps on both ends of the channel, keeping light out & preventing algae growth.

• Constructed of non-toxic, food grade, UV-stabilized plastic.

• Standard electric plug – no additional power source required.

• Square top cap holes that are made for 1" seedling cubes

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• Measures 16’L x 11’W x 4’H

• Weighs 3.5 lbs when the tank is empty & 12 lbs when it is full.


• Pump

• Feed line

• 1 ½ gal tank

• Seeds

• Fertilizer

• Rockwool cubes

• Grow light with stand: designed for indoor use, the plant grow light comes with a T5 bulb. The light is fixed on a stand that can be adjusted from 3/4 inches up to 24 inches to suit the height of your plant containers.