The Life of an AGS Shipping Container

An AGS being manufactured.

An AGS being manufactured.

A large portion of my responsibilities at The Growcer start once we have an interested operator who wants an AGS. From there, we need to make our product into a reality. Most of the time, there are many unexpected challenges that make this easier said than done! 

One of the most interesting aspects in our product lifecycle is what it all starts with: the shipping container. The shipping container is an integral part of our product - it allows us to easily ship the system by truck, ship and even air using the traditional dimensions of transporting cargo.


Initially, we source what are called "one-trip" containers, or containers that have been manufactured oversees and brought to North America. From there, once our system is manufactured, for many remote communities, one of the only ways to receive large cargo is by barge during the summer. Therefore, the container must then be trucked to a shipping port where it then makes the 3-5 week trip to the community.


Therefore, from start to finish, the container travels long distances to make it to its intended community. Whether by road, air or sea, having our base method of transportation be a shipping container reduces many complexities and allows us to more easily install our systems in remote communities across Canada!

Alida Burke